Angelo Plessas / AnotherSide

Athens / October 31
Angelo Plessas

Another Side Of Time is the Athens contribution to Parallel Borders by Angelo Plessas consisting of an interactive website and series of images linked to monument and site in the ancient Agora of Athens.
On the website we see primitive geometric shapes that create a perspective infinite trail. While moving the mouse colored shapes resurface on top of other shapes marked also by repercussive sounds emerging into something of a mega-structure creating a gestural composition portraying a different perspective of time. Spending time online under the flickering lights of our screens, we establish a twisted relation with time. As post-modern philosopher Paul Virilio puts it in his book Lost Dimension: "…pure computer time helps to construct a continuous present, an unbounded intensity that is destroying the tempo of our degraded society [..]".
In this mindset I would say "the internet is an outsized invisible monument or even I would call it a monument to an ever-changing present, a materializing force that no longer separates but unravels new realities …". The web mega-structure unfolds inside an Athens historical site(s) in a unified spatial conquest of place, non-place.

website launch 31/10/2012

Angelo Plessas is currently based in Athens. His recent solo works include The Twilight of the Idols, Every Website is a Monument at Cell Projects in London, UK and Temple of Truth at Rebecca Camhi gallery in Athens, Greece. He has also taken part in group shows this year including Everything was Michael Bolton and nothing hurt at the Preteen Gallery in Mexico City, Mexico and Visions Fugitives, Le Fresnoy, France.