Tobias Spichtig / Oyster Politics Session

Zurich / November 6
Tobias Spichtig

For the Zurich stage of Parallel Borders Tobias Spichtig proposes Oyster Politics Session an event where a group of artists, curators and others from the Swiss art world come together in an apartment overlooking Zurich to eat oysters and drink champagne.

In preparation for this evening we talked about politics, the current state of our position, Europe, what our values might be and the idea of the public. For the stop in Zurich we decided to focus on the private. The private conceived as an opponent to the public. Friends and trusted thinkers might be the better place from where to establish perspectives on the current. Not only because the public can also be viewed as a moldy idea of the great other, presented as either a mob or an individual ego-rational consumer, but merely because we think it is a chance for coming together to talk about what we really want or what we think is worth talking about in the first place.

Based in Zurich, Tobias Spichtig comes from a number of areas of discipline including architecture, performance, scenography and fine art. Spichtig’s recent shows include The blue, the red, the green, the cuboid and the pyramid at the contemporary art foundation Ursula Blickle Stiftung in Karlsruhe, Germany. Spichtig has been published in prominent art publications such as Frieze magazine for this exhibition.