Franziska von Stenglin / Mutter Ernst said no

Frankfurt / November 10
Franziska von Stenglin

For the course of one day, on Saturday the 10th of November, an exchange will take place between two photographs of the Pizzeria Da Cimino in Bockenheim and Adolf Wagner Apfelweinwirtschaft in Sachsenhausen in Frankfurt am Main.

Following her photographic studies at the London College of Communication, Franziska von Stenglin (*1984) Munich Germany, is currently studying under Professor Simon Starling at the Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Frankfurt (Städelschule).In conceptual installations, Franziska von Stenglin creates narratives of places, people and their stories. Her multimedia installations are often based on photographs or cinematic works that serve as metaphors. With her narratives she makes use of the entire exhibition space, and incorporates the spectator through calculated vacancies.