Jurgen Ots / Periaqueductal Gray

Brussels / November 14
Jurgen Ots

Where are you?

"On a white place, a spot ... caught, cut and secured. This is like an erotic sensual encounter with the end...”

A soft dirty filter or impenetrable tunnel acts as the unconscious and secret story that every human carries with him in a symbolic rest, a bland concoction, like fossil masses of a living fantasy. It refers to the immature and painful, the ruin, a state of decay, and is the expression of an experience in which the whole is lost. Because they are not based on a supposed unity, but accept the world as failed and broken, as dragged in a mental vertigo, this universe remains an illusion. The destructive repetition however make way for an opportunity, a search, bright and illuminated; the resource is an enciphering and a light gray mass, subject to a transformation process, healing and saving for a pervasive loss, deterioration or destruction... but romance and a desire for authenticity and purity is far away...

For several weeks a very soft and sensitive material absorbs dirt and debris. The result does not fascinate by content, form or a certain narrative, but by the constant manipulation of the material and its effect. A huge formless carpet is thoroughly drenched, soaked and cultivated tactile. It seems heavy and its delicate shades of white and black and grained structure give the extremely ephemeral sculpture a tension and a story, a kind of palimpsest or a metaphorical ruin of a petrified and matted mass. But unlike the object the image expresses itself in associations, chaotic and works in isolation, independently, but still there is order in the chaos, a tension is set.

This rolled carpet of soaked Wadding and an inexplicable picture from the famous Prinzhorn Collection of the Psychiatric University Clinic in Heidelberg form the basis of a prototype, an autonomous petrified sculpture that can be exhibited on different intimate places in Europe within the framework of this nomadic project. This work is not directly meant to be for the outside world, a public set, it is encrypted and inextricable. It is also not intended to last forever, but a fragile attempt to get a grip, to create order.

The starting point in this story is the urban ruin, the isolation and a mental quest, alienated by civilization and averted from the world. A city is built on the model of a conscious mind. Ruins become the unconscious of a city, her memory, her unknown, dark side, its lost territories and bring her to life right there. The memory is temporary, an attempt at communication and expression of pain. An urban ruin is a place that fell outside the economic life of the city.

Born in Belgium, Jürgen Ots resides and works in between Brussels and Berlin where his current solo exhibitions include La porte de l'enfer at the Elisa Platteau and Cie Gallery in Brussels, Belgium. Ots has partaken in many residencies around the world including Iceland, France, Germany, Belgium, USA and Spain. Recent group shows include: Celluloid Brushes at Gallery Isabella Bortolozzi in Berlin, Germany, A world bound in secret knots at Giuliani Foundation in Rome, Italy and Popup at Musée d'Ixelles in Brussels, Belgium.