Tom Dale
Cannibal Light Feed

London / November 24
Tom Dale

Cannibal Light Feed, 2012

Using video footage accumulated on the journey from Athens to London made by Mark Mangion, Tom Dale projects selected views and scenes in the form of a 'scan' at sites surrounding the Olympic arena in east London.
Much like the head of a xerox machine working its way back and forth across one image in order to form another, the video projection will reveal and erase simple 'establishing' shots from the locations and events previously visited on the Parallel Borders project.
This process will itself be filmed and edited together in order to form a new film which weaves together the reality of post Olympics london with the reality of post referendum Greece and everything in between.

Born in Cumbria and currently based in London, Guardian newspaper’s recent ‘Artist of the Week’ Tom Dale regularly appears in publications such as Flash Art, Art Review, Time Out, and Dazed & Confused. Graduate of the Goldsmiths College, London College of Art, Dale has been nominated for a number of awards including his most recent: the Latitude festival’s Contemporary Art Award. He is currently completing his PhD at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Recent and forthcoming solo exhibitions include CAN, Neuchatel (2012), NIMAC, Cyprus (2013) Poppy Sebire, London (2013), and John Hansard Gallery, Southampton (2014).