Curated by Mark Mangion

Salvatore Arancio
Haris Epaminonda
Anthea Hamilton & Nicholas Byrne
Basim Magdy

Exhibition Dates: 9 June - 12 August 2017
Preview: Friday 9th June 7 - 9pm

A Tranquil Star developed from a series of questions examining how narrative, process and material come into being and how they coexist in varying states of meaning and form. Each of these artists have very specific and individual connections to this inquiry and this exhibition creates vectors, threads, commonalities and juxtapositions that really bring to light very tactile questions and unfenced perspectives.

Haris Epaminonda works with collected historic images and objects from different eras that are re-archived, reimagined and recontexualized, as very specific, orchestrated and minimal arrangements. Anthea Hamilton and Nicholas Byrne continue with their ongoing collaboration where they bring appropriated cultural images and elements and reposition this narrative and material structure as synthesised, deconstructed and buoyant devices. Basim Magdy's films create meticulous and poetic timelines via a collaging and physical interference with collected film stock and superimposed texts and narrations producing and embodying ghostly, nostalgic and archeological narratives. Salvatore Arancios's ceramic sculptures indulge in an obscure scientific observation of physical and synthesised forms from nature, creating alluring representations of redefined meaning and material.

Salvatore Arancio's (b.1974 Italy) work spans several media from video and animation to ceramics and sculpture.
He has exhibited his work at various galleries and institutions around the world and is one of this years selected artists for the main exhibition at the 2017 Venice Biennale.

Haris Epaminonda (b.1980 Cyprus) works in Sculpture and Film. Her work has been exhibited around the world including the Venice Biennale, Tate Modern, Museum of Modern Art New York.

Anthea Hamilton (b.1978 UK) works in sculpture. Her work has been exhibited extensively and she was nominated for the 2016 Turner Prize. Her work also involves an ongoing collaboration with Nicholas Byrne (b.1979 UK). His work has been exhibited at Vilma Gold London, Schinkel Pavilion, Berlin, Saatchi Gallery London, Tate St.Ives and many others.

Basim Magdy (b.1977 Egypt) works in film, photography and other media. His work has been exhibited extensively including MCA Chicago, MAXXI Rome and Jeu de Paume Paris.